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Being involved in the daily operations of many airlines, KLM continuously focus on careful component management, a precondition for efficient and punctual aircraft operations.

Short turnaround times, correct documentation and punctual delivery are key factors in their successful component maintenance programs. KLM E&M is a fully accredited JAR/FAR145 organisation, holding certificates from many countries throughout the world.
Taking care of components

KLM's well-established operational background has created a strong awareness of the impact of component maintenance and availability on airline and MRO processes.

We focus on component availability for operators by creating more efficient component care programs.

  • In order to ensure continuous aircraft operation, KLM's AOG service is available 24/7
  • Extensive loan/lease, exchange and pooling options are available to customers to ensure high availability
  • Close contacts with KLM Cargo Airospace Logistics guarantee a swift worldwide solution
  • Line maintenance component support is available at many outstations
  • Backed by ample experience, KLM specialise in the design and certification of component maintenance programs, reducing the number of unscheduled removals and thus enhancing operational aircraft availability
  • Advanced maintenance processes are followed to optimise component performance
  • Additional services are calibration, repair of tooling and test equipment. Provisioning services include branch stock and procurement
Component Capabilities
Total Component Care
Reliable operational availability and control over components is crucial for punctual aircraft operations. We offer operators and MRO organisations a convenient way to manage all component related requirements. Working with your specialists to specify needs and requirements will enable us to propose customised Total Component Care packages. Extensive loan/lease, exchange and pooling options are available to customers to ensure high availability.
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