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Total Aircraft Care services ensure up to 100 % coverage of all maintenance aspects related to your aircraft. You are assigned one point of contact (liaison officer) for all maintenance related issues. Total Aircraft Care comprises every aspect of aircraft maintenance. From line maintenance to complete fleet support, we offer customised services based on your requirements. Additional services such as training of certifying staff and setting up maintenance facilities can be included.
Total Care Services, our commitment to operators.

Simplified logistics
We are happy to organise all MRO related logistics. Smooth provisioning and clear contractual responsibilities simplify the process.

Round the clock product support
We fix any aircraft related problems and get the aircraft back online again, doing what it is made for.

Guaranteed availability
KLM E&M's existing logistic network provides guaranteed availability of parts, engines and maintenance people. 

Predictable cost level
All MRO related costs are covered by a single contract. Fixed prices combined with contracted service levels create a predictable cost level for operators. 

Operators focus on core business
Total Care contracts allow operators to focus on what they are best in; selling tickets, transporting people and cargo. 

Being part of a bigger maintenance program, economies of scale
Being part of a bigger fleet (maintenance wise) means sharing in the benefits of exchange engines, pooling of components, manpower and supplemental services. 

More efficient maintenance planning through smart integration
Combining all time related maintenance jobs into one planning helps reduce necessary ground time and maintenance costs.

Higher operational reliability
Combined with lower maintenance costs through Aircraft Maintenance Program Management and Reliability Engineering.

More efficient fleet operation
Gained by supporting the operators with engineering services such as data and configuration control, phase in / phase out projects, ETOPS management.

A seamless operation

Every operator has its own capabilities, operational environment and other specific needs. KLM E&M is happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a customised Total Care proposal for complement your operation efficiently.

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